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Sun | 02:51AM

Food & Dining in Nigeria

Tasty Nigerian dishes include dodo, or fried plantain, often sold as a snack at roadside shacks, and jollof rice, which is cooked in reddish palm oil and chilies. Nigeria's national dish is obe ata or pepper soup, a very hot relish served with meat – be prepared for your nose to explode and your eyeballs to melt. In the south, there are excellent spicy fish dishes

To enjoy Nigerian traditional food such as pounded yam, yam flour, meat stew etc, it is advisabe to visit the local restaurants where these food are being served

In small cities, the only alternatives to Nigerian food are greasy and/or bland imitations of English-style food, such as chicken-and-chips or omelettes. Large cities, however, offer a wide variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Continental. Lagos, especially, has an excellent, albeit expensive, range of restaurants, and Kano, Port Harcourt and Abuja have a few because of their expatriate communities.

In general, be choosy about restaurants – the sanitation standards of some can be dangerous. The tropical fruit in markets is truly excellent, but just be sure to wash the fruit with bottled or boiled water and peel it.

While the fast food industry is facing a period of recession in Europe and the United States, in Nigeria it is an entirely different situation. Food outlets are springing up like mushrooms in every nook and cranny of the country’s major cities. Fast food outlets such as Mr Bigg's, Tantalizers, Tastee Fried Chicken and many others are all over the country. These fast food outlets sell meat pie, scotch eggs, sugared doughnut, fried chicken, hamburgers, Nigerian delicacies and soft drinks.